LGMG AS1932E Electric Scissor Lift

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Platform Capacity 231kg
Capacity On Deck Extension 120kg
Platform Occupants (In/Out Door) 2/1
Work Height 7.8m
Overall Length 1.85m
Overall Width 0.82m
Overall Height – Rails Down 1.82m
Overall Height – Rails Up 2.13m
Platform Extension 0.91m
Drive Speed (Lowered) 2.5 ± 0.12 km/h/mph
Drive Speed (Elevated) 0.5 ± 0.06km/h/mph
Lift Time 16 ± 2 sec
Lower Time 28 ± 3 sec
Gradeability 25%
Max. Slope 1.5° / 3°
Machine Weight 1619kg
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 149.2 psi
Turning Radius (Inside / Outside) 1 ft 6 in / 5.74 ft

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  • Optimization and match of hydraulic system delivers longer lasting performance
  • Optimized electronic control system for better brake ability on long downhill
  • Improved steering mechanism reduces tire wear during turning
  • Battery powered with zero emission and environmental-friendly


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