Why Choose Hybrid Power

Benefits of Hybrid equipment

One of the main factors for the need of hybrid equipment is the industry’s growing focus on sustainability and the need to minimise the impact on the environment.

This attitude to be greener is driving the industry to look towards more environmentally-conscious equipment.

Another factor is legislation. More and more locations across the UK are now introducing clean-air standards and low-emission zones that are requiring all construction equipment powered by diesel engines to reduce the amount of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen emitted during operation.

Stage V or Tier 5 came into force on January 1st 2019 and applied to all diesel engines with an output of up to 56Kw (75HP).

One way to help equipment meet the stricter regulations is to power it using batteries and use a much smaller diesel engine to supplement the battery power when needed. Or alternatively, to run a small generator that charges the batteries when required. In comes HYBRID.

Other benefits of using hybrid power over traditional diesel or electric power

Hybrid MEWPs that use battery power accompanied by a smaller generator allow a scissor or boom lift to operate for extended periods of time which is especially beneficial on unfinished sites early on in a project when there may be nowhere to plug the machine in for recharging. Some also have the added benefit of being able to power AC power to the platform to drive electric tools.

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